stag280 limited edition

–width: 47cm
–height: 44cm
–depth: 17cm
weight: –

limited edition of 25 numbered pieces
Swiss made

materials: anodized aluminium
colour: canary yellow (colour reference 280)

series of 25:
serial no's 13/25, 16/25, 23/25 and 24/25 are still available


Stag is the application of the rather obvious idea, that a stags horns can be used to hang coats. Though there are a couple of similar products on the market today, I pride myself on having launched the first product of this kind in 2001. 
This latest version of the stag is made from anodized aluminium, which offers a superior and durable finish. 
This colour version is limited to a numbered and laser engraved edition of 25 pieces.
Delivered with all necessary screws (Philipps screws) and fittings.

PDF fact-sheet:
stag infos

Prices include postage and handling. 
Local V.A.T. (tax) will be added by your customs
on delivery.

In Swiss prices the MWSt. is included.

Price for orders from Switzerland SFR 260.–
Price for orders from Europe € 180,–
Price for orders from Overseas U$ 265,–