Domino A0

inkjet prints of digital illustrations
on PVC adhesive film, mounted on Forex board
with Lotfix mounts in all four corners.
limited edition of 10 pieces per panel

A0 (118.9 x 84.1 cm)

year of creation:

Domino is an abstract illustration that is spread out over a series of 16 A0 format prints. As the drawing is based on a grid, 
the prints can be lined up in several and sometimes surprising ways, hence the name Domino. This offers you the opportunity to put together personal artworks. The panels can be purchased individually. The series of prints is limited to 10 editions in the format A0 (118.9 x 84.1 cm). A0 is a beautiful size. The A-series of formats is based on the golden section and in A0 the panels are exactly one square metre. Each individually numbered and signed on the back. The inkjet prints are on PVC adhesive film and mounted on 5 mm thick Forex board. Lotfix mounts to hang up the panels on all four corners for maximum flexibility.
1. two domino prints in situ
2+3. photos from the vernissage
at the ONO-Bar in Bern
4-6. sample-layouts of domino prints

PDF fact-sheet:
domino infos

Pricelist as of september 2010
currently only prices for Switzerland
single panel SFR 400.–
two panels SFR 750.–
three panels SFR 1100.–
four panels SFR 1400.–
five and more panels each SFR 325.–
all 16 panels SFR 4800.–
contact me by e-mail with your selection, 
if you'd like to purchase domino prints.