20 Jahre alternatives Kulturradio (2017)


–layout design (cover by Remo Abplanalp)

–typesetting and typography


Radio Bern RaBe

project partners:

Remo Abplanalp
Magdalena Nadolska
Wilma Rall
Silvia Sommer
Jazmín Vázquez Ríos
Pjotr Müller
Fred Sommer
Jordi AG


RaBe is Berns independent, integrating, empowering, multicultural radio station. What started as an experiment over 20 years ago is now a well established cultural institution. The book maps the history and many stories, as well as the characters that led to today.
This book (including a CD of highlights) is available for CHF 40.– through the RaBe website.

PDF sample:
RaBe – 20 Jahre alternatives Kulturradio