HDR stands for high dynamic range. This is a photographic technique that tries to mimic the way the human eye sees. When we look at a scene with high contrast, our brain brings out detail in the shadows and the highlights, whereas a camera will capture either detail in the dark or high, but not both. In HDR-photography you take several pictures, some overexposed, some underexposed. Using advanced imaging-software these different exposures are combined to create a picture capturing all details. By changing the way the pictures are combined the images can vary from subtle to very surreal.
1. looking down the Bieligertal
2. another view from the Bieligertal into the Rhone valley
3. Alpine bog in wintertime
4. the Üschinental above Kandersteg
5. Alpine «tap»
6. Swiss house of parliament as seen from the stage of the Anyone can play Guitar festival