Watch3 black



project partner:
Pierre Junod

Watch3 in black is the latest version of my watch3 line. The plan is to eventually have 100 pieces of the watch made. The first 30 pieces in white are sold out, and now there is an even more limited number of 19 pieces that will be available with black PVD coating. They are of course made in Switzerland by Pierre and Danuta Junod.
The original idea of adding information, without adding clutter by printing the figures on the underside of the sapphire crystal, so the are only visible when the hour hand passes underneath, is still the same. But now with the dial and the case being in black, the concept becomes even more puristic.
To get the colour of the minute hand exactly right I had to resort to mixing the paint myself and then «handpainted» the hands.
This Swissmade and individually numbered product can be purchased through my online store.