Hello, I am Steven Götz –
welcome to my website.

By assembling the projects for my website I have started to realize how much material I have created since the early 90-ies. It's been quite a journey and working on this website has let me revisit some of it.

I'm all for options, so there's a short biography and a long version.

The short biography reads like this:
– A degree in product design

– A lifetime of experience in graphic design

The more elaborate story is as follows:
Who am I? Why do I do, what I do? How do I do what I do? What is it exactly, that I do? I'd never really thaught about this, but creating my website I had to consider these things. How do I structure my creative output?

Over the years I have invested myself into several different areas of design. I come from a creative family and grew up with a daily dose of graphic design through my father, who's a designer.
I studied product design in Manchester and had a wild and lovely time with my friends in England and Wales. Through the family business in Switzerland I moved towards graphic design and spend the most part of my time doing exactly this today. But my interests are further spread than that and I accept any challenge. If the challenge does not come to me, I seek it myself. Pursuing my own ideas and following my creative impulses is just as important to me as my commercial work. Both sides affect eachother and help me to develop artistically as well as professionally.

I'd like to explain what I do and be transparent about my work. Therefore there is a short context to every project. The eight headers under the «what» menu are the roughest categorisation I could come up with to catalogue my work. It wasn't easy and the borders between them are not really definite, but I think they make about sense.

A new venture for me is the online shop, where you can buy some of my products and other things. I'm interested to see how this goes, as I'm not short on ideas for new objects.

My office is in Berne, Switzerland. I love it here.
If the weather gets too grey, the mountains are always near to rise above the clouds. I don't need a car and have a couple of bycicles to get around. On a hot day I can go for a swim in the river, in winter skiing is never far away. Forget your tropical paradises, who wants to be hot all the time – I've travelled a lot and learnt to appreciate where I live.

I hope you enjoy looking around my site, and if you find what you're looking for, contact me anytime. If your challenge is different from all the things I have already done, all the better!

Steven Götz
Lorrainestrasse 15d
3013 Bern

Tel: +41 31 331 01 89
Skype: stevimpossible